GTT 2022 Christmas Promotion Grand Prize - FAQ

‘Tis The Season’

  1. What is the GTT Christmas Grand Prize Promotion?

    • GTT’s grand Christmas promotion themed “Tis the season” is a campaign giving customers the opportunity to win 1 of 4 Toyota Raize. The promotion will offer all customers who make the following chargeable events throughout the duration of November 18 to January 13 a chance to be a lucky winner.
    • Customers will also get a chance to win weekly consolation prizes via GTT’s radio programs and Social Media channels.
  2. How will customers qualify to win the grand prizes?

    • The grand prize promotion is open to all existing and new Mobile, new Fibre+ Voice and MMG+ customers. A customer can qualify for the campaign by simply doing one or more of the following transactions.
      • Activate a Prepaid Data Bundle
      • Sign up for Fibre+ Voice
      • Pay 2 or more utility bills with MMG+
  3. How are the prizes broken out?

    • 4 winners each win 1 TOYOTA RAIZE
  4. How many entries are customers entitled to enter the draws?

    • Customers doing any of the transactions will have an entry per transaction to qualify for the grand cash prize.
    • New customers activating a new prepaid data bundle
    • A prepaid customer has more entries if he or she conducts more activations.
    • New customers signing up for Fibre+ Voice.
    • DSL customer migrating to Fibre+ Voice
    • Fibre customer migrating to Fibre+ Voice
    • Fibre customer paying bill on time and in full
    • Mobile Postpaid customers will automatically qualify by simply paying their GTT and any other bills via MMG+
    • A customer on any other network can qualify if they pay 2 of more bills via MMG
  5. How will customers be chosen for the Grand Prize?

    • Customers will be randomly selected from the list of qualifiers and will be contacted to participate in GTT’s game show to choose winners for the 4 cars. The necessary screening will be done to check their full name, telephone number and address or if they have any balances.
    • Customers winning the weekly prizes via our radio and Social Media channels will be contacted to visit a GTT store for the handing over of their winnings.
    • Customers winning mmg+ cash on the radio will be contacted to provide their mmg+ number.
  6. How can customers qualify with Fibre + Voice?

    • A new customer signing up for Fibre plus voice will qualify automatically.
    • A DSL customer upgrading to Fibre + Voice.
    • A customer who signs up for Fibre + Voice via stores, online, or at a tent sale will qualify.
    • A customer who signs up for Fibre + Voice at a GTT vendor will qualify.
    • A customer who pays their on time and in full.
  7. How to win with mmg+!?

    • Pay any two utility bills (GTT, GPL, GWI) during the period of the campaign to enter for a chance to WIN.
  8. Which bills do I need to pay to be eligible?

    • Which bills do I need to pay to be eligible?
    • GTT – Landline, DSL, Fibre, Mobile Postpaid bills
    • GWI
  9. Can I be entered more than once to win?

    • Yes, you can be entered more than once to win. For every two bills you pay, you will be entered once. For example, if you pay a GPL bill today and GTT bill next week you will be entered once. If later in the month you pay a GPL and GWI bill two weeks later you will be entered a second time. This will result in you having two entries in the pool of winners.
  10. Will I be eligible if I pay a GTT landline and a GTT Fibre bill?

    • No, you will not be eligible to WIN if you pay two bills from the same utility company. You must pay two bills from different utility companies.
  11. If I pay to the same account at two different times, will I be eligible to WIN??

    • No, you will not be eligible to win if you pay two different times to the same account.
  12. If I pay someone else’s bill, will I qualify?

    • Winners are selected based on the transactions from their mmg+ accounts and at agent locations. The winner will be selected based on the number associated with the specific bill payment transactions. So, if your bill is paid by a family member or friend, and he or she becomes eligible, they will win. If you pay at an agent location, provide your contact number to receive your SMS confirmation or receipt and get the chance to be entered to win. However, it is easy as 1-2-3 to register and pay with mmg+. Register at to pay your bills and get a chance to win.
  13. How do I qualify when I pay at an agent?

    • To qualify when you pay at an agent, you need to provide your mobile number to the agent. You will receive your SMS confirmation and be entered for a chance to WIN.