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Top up your GTT mobile for $1000 or more with mmg+ and get double the credit instantly

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Top up $1000 or more now, and get double credit now!

Top up yourself, family, and your friends

You can top up using the mmg+ app at any mmg+ agents or via *123# to get the mmg+ Double Bubble

Enjoy double the talk, double the text!

Top up valid for GTT pre-paid numbers only

The Bonus Promotional Credit  is valid for on-net, voice and SMS only and expires in 72 hours

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What is the mmg+ Double Bubble Promotion?

Any Top Up done using mmg+ gets - double the value of the credit when they top up $1,000 or more. These customers can benefit from the mmg+ Double Bubble when they top up using the app, *123# menu and mmg+ agents.

When does the promotion begin?

This promotion is valid from June 28 – December 31, 2021.
*Subject to the terms and conditions of this promotion.

Can GTT prepaid mobile customers who are not mmg+ subscribers benefit from this promotion?

Yes! They can top up at any mmg+ agent. Their friend or a family member that is an mmg+ subscriber can also sell them Top Up.

How can GTT prepaid subscribers access this promotion?

  • Self Top Up using the mmg+ app and *123#
  • Sell Top Up using the mmg+ app and *123#
  • Top up at mmg+ agents

Does the additional credit expire after a specified period?

Bonus credit earned from the mmg+ Double Bubble Promotion will expire 72 hours after the mmg+ Top Up transaction.

Would the customer have to utilize the credit they purchased and then the bonus credit?

The bonus credit will be utilized first for SMS and calls to GTT phones (mobile and landline). When the bonus credit is finished or expired then the core credit will be utilized. Bonus credit cannot be used to purchase data.

How will GTT prepaid customers receive the FREE credit?

Once the customer processes the transaction using the mmg+ app, *123# or an mmg+ agent the free credit or bonus credit will be applied to their GTT prepaid mobile account.

If the customer purchases cumulative Top Up in the required amount, will they still receive the free credit?

The mmg+ Double Bubble promotion cannot be accessed unless the mmg+ Top Up value is $1,000 or more.

What happens if the customer has an outstanding LendME loan on the account?

The loan amount will be deducted from the Top Up amount and the mmg+ Double Bubble Promotion will be applied to the balance. For example, if a customer owes a LendMe $1,000 and tops up $2,000 using mmg+, the core balance will be $1,000 and thus the bonus will be $2,000.

Is there a limit to the number of top-ups that the customer can benefit from the double credit?

All existing mmg+ limits will be applied for this promotion.

Where can customer access additional information about this promotion?

Customers can visit the mmg+ website, mmg+ Facebook and Instagram pages, call 0664 for our Call center agents or chat with us via the mmg+ website (

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