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When will be the last paper bill?

GTT will no longer be issuing paper bills to Businesses accounts and will offer optional paperless bills to residential customers

Why wouldn’t a customer receive a paper bill?

It will save time and cost and will not have any delays in the delivery of your bill. GTT aims to make our customers happy and satisfied at all time.

How will I get my bill?

You can retrieve or view your bills using the MyGTT web portal (on a computer or tablet) or MyGTT app for mobile devices.

What are the benefits of MyGTT web portal and the MyGTT app?

MyGTT is an online platform that affords customers the ability to view, manage and monitor their accounts at their convenience from a computer or tablet

MyGTT mobile app allows cutomers to view, manage and monitor their accounts at their convenience from a smartphone.

How do I access MyGTT mobile app or MyGTT web portal?

You can access the MyGTT portal by entering ‘’ in the address bar of any browser and the mobile app by downloading MyGTT app from the Google Play Store or App Store your smartphone.

What are the requirements for registering for MyGTT?

You are required to have your telephone, account and invoice numbers, all of which can be sourced from a recent bill (not older than three (3) months) and also an active email address.

I have never received a bill. Will I have to wait until I get a bill before I can register for my account?

Once the first bill is generated for your account we as service representatives can assist customers with the registration providing you have an active email address.

Will I receive a bill once I register for ‘MyGTT’?

You will no longer receive a paper bill but you will have the access to same online via MyGTT

How will I know that my bill is ready for viewing?

You will get an SMS notification to your mobile contact number as well as via your email address on file

Can I access MyGTT web portal from my mobile device?

Yes – the MyGTT web portal is also accesible from a smartphone.

For a better user experience however, we recommend you use the mobile app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store

Can I register more than one service/number?

You can register one of your accounts and select ‘Add Account’ to add any additional service that you wish to register.

If I forgot my password – Online & App

Select ‘Forgot Your Password’ which can be found on your login page which will require you to enter the email address for a new temporary password to be sent.

What is meant by the ‘Current Charges Due’ on MyGTT?

Current Charges Due is the most current arrear balance.

What amount should I pay to avoid Disconnection?

The amount reflected at ‘Disconnect Balance due’ should be paid to avoid disconnection

Note: MyGTT app – customers can click on ‘Bill Breakdown’ to view the Current Charges Due and Disconnection balance.

How Can I view details of my invoices/bills?
  • Website - click on Billing History/Download Invoice under billing option and select Download Bill at the right side of bill date.
  • MyGTT app by click on the Last Bills under Bills and Payments. Select the icon at the right side of bill date and open PDF for bill details.
Will I have access of seeing my most recent payments towards my account?

Yes, you can.

  • Website - Select ‘Billing’ from the menu page and click Payment History below.
  • MyGTT app - Select view ‘Bills and Payments’ from the home page, and scroll to ‘Payment History’.
Can I change my account password?

Yes, you can.

  • Website - please select ‘Profile’ tab and select ‘Update Password’. Complete by following the instructions.
  • Or call 0488 or visit a GTT store if you do not see the option to change password
How can I make Payment to my accounts?
  • MyGTT App - Select ‘Pay Bill’ from the home page, select and register card of your choice to make your payment.
  • Website – Select ‘Payments’ from menu page, select use an unsaved card to register card of your choice to make your payment.
Will I be charged when I use my credit card?

The bank may charge for the use of their service.

How soon will my payment be updated after I pay using the app/website?

Your payment will be updated immediately after you complete the process.

What are the methods that I can use to top up my account?

Your payment will be updated immediately after you complete the process.

How do I purchase an Add-on, e.g. data plans?
  • MyGTT app - you will see the categories of ‘Add-on’ from the home page or menu. Click on an Add-On category to see which individual Add-ons you can purchase. Click the Add-on to expose a Buy-now button. Clicking it takes you to confirmation screen. If you click Buy-now, your Add-on will be purchased and your balance reduced.
  • Website - Data option must be updated.
How can I view a history of my top-ups?
  • MyGTT app - select my balance from the home page or menu option to view your latest top ups.
  • Website – does not reflect latest top ups.

To Note:
  • To verify if the customer is registered, check under ‘Bill & Rating’ you will see ‘MyGTT – Do not Deliver’.
  • Do not give our customers invoice numbers. ‘I’m sorry you can check your most recent telephone bill within the last three (3) months for the invoice number’