Social Prepaid Plans

‘Frequently Asked Questions’

  1. What are the GTT Social Plan?

    • See below for the GTT Social plans.
    • Type Go to Market Name Duration Social Data Other Use including VoIP and Video Data Voice On-net [minutes] Voice Off-net [minutes] Text On Net Text Off Net Prices [Inc VAT as applicable] GY$$
      prepaid Social 1 1 day Unlimited Socal messaging 1GB 10 0 10 0 $400
      prepaid Social 3 3 day Unlimited Socal messaging 2GB 20 0 20 0 $750
      prepaid Social 7 7 day Unlimited Socal messaging 4GB 30 0 30 0 $1,500
      prepaid Social 7 plus 7 day Unlimited Socal messaging 20GB 43,200 250 1,000,000 250 $6,000
      prepaid Social 30 - 4GB 30 days Unlimited Socal messaging 4GB 80 0 80 0 $3,500
      prepaid Social 30 - 6GB 30 days Unlimited Socal messaging 6GB 150 0 150 0 $5,000
      prepaid Social 30 - 20GB 30 days Unlimited Socal messaging 20GB 43,200 500 1,000,000 500 $7,500
      Social 1
      Last for 1 day with:
      • Unlimited Social messaging
      • 1GB VolP and Video Data
      • 20 Minutes Voice on Net
      • 20 Text on Net
      Social 3
      Last for 3 days with:
      • Unlimited Social messaging
      • 2GB VolP and Video Data
      • 20 Minutes Voice on Net
      • 20 Text on Net
      Social 7
      Last for 7 days with:
      • Unlimited Social messaging
      • 4GB VolP and Video Data
      • 30 Minutes Voice on net
      • 30 Texts on net
      Social 7 plus
      Last for 7 days with:
      • Unlimited Social messaging
      • 20GB VolP and Video Data
      • 43,200 Minutes Voice on net
      • 250 Minutes Voice off net
      • 1,000,000 Text on net
      • 250 Text off net
      Social 30 - 4GB
      Last for 30 days with:
      • Unlimited Social messaging
      • 4GB VolP and Video Data
      • 80 Minutes Voice on net
      • 80 Texts on net
      Social 30 - 6GB
      Last for 30 days with:
      • Unlimited Social messaging
      • 6GB VolP and Video Data
      • 10 Minutes Voice & Text on net
      • 150 Minutes Voice on net
      • 150 Text on net
      Social 30 - 20GB
      Last for 30 days with:
      • Unlimited Social messaging
      • 20GB VolP and Video Data
      • 43,200 Minutes Voice on net
      • 500 Minutes Voice off net
      • 1,000,000 Text on net
      • 500 Text off net
  2. What is included in the Unlimited social messaging?

    • The Unlimited Social messaging – allows for unlimited text and browsing usage on the following apps ONLY: WhatsApp Chat, Facebook Messenger, Tencent QQ, Snapchat, WeChat, BIP, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn. For the avoidance of doubt, WhatsApp calling, Facebook Messenger calling, Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Spotify, and Facetime are EXCLUDED from the unlimited social messaging.
  3. Why was You Tube, Tik Tok & Netflix not included, and are these not Social Apps?

    • We took the decision to focus on texting and browsing apps based on their popularity across all age groups in Guyana. These plans will evolve over time and apps will be added or removed based on popularity & usage. You can use your “Other Use – VOIP and Video data allowance” for these apps, like You Tube, Tik Tok, Netflix, WhatsApp calling and any other online activity beyond the named social apps above.
  4. How do I buy one of these plans?

    • These plans are available for purchase via the USSD menu by dialling *100#
  5. I used to buy a Monthly Data plan for $2,360 before, which was data only- why can I not buy this anymore?

    • GTT made the decision to only offer these “Social” value for money offerings, so for example the monthly data plan gave you 2GB of data for $2,360 but now for $3,500 we will give you unlimited “social” messaging plus 4GB of Other Use data and 80 minutes on-net call time and 80 on-net texts.
  6. Is SMS included in the Unlimited Social Messaging?

    • No this is separate as defined in Table before.
  7. Do the plans roll over?

    • Yes, Data remaining at the end of the plan can be rolled over with the purchase of a new plan within 24hours of expiration.
  8. When will the plans expire??

    • The plans will expire on the date/hour/minute/second from the date of purchase i.e., if you buy a 1-day plan at 08:00am It will expire at 07:59:59 am on the following day.
  9. What happens if a customer views a video in the Facebook app?

    • Videos viewed in the Facebook app will be included in your unlimited social browsing – but if you click into video and it take you to You Tube or Tik Tok this will then start being consumed from your “Other Use data allowance”.
  10. Will a customer be able to upload photos and videos to Instagram or Facebook using the Unlimited Social Messaging

    • YES
  11. Can I buy 2 Monthly plans at a time?

    • Yes, but they will expire 30 days from the date/hour/minute/second of purchase. All the plans are compatible with each other.
  12. Will these plans end?

    • This is not a promotion, but these are our everyday value offers.
  13. Do these plans offer Minutes to call Digicel?

    • Only the Plans listed with Off Net minutes can be used to call Digicel. All other Digicel calling will come from your core balance?
  14. Can I roam with these plans?

    • Yes, you can roam with a social plan, however all roaming usage is taken from your core balance at this time. Please ensure that you activate prepaid roaming before you fly via the USSD menu and then turn on data roaming on your phone [so you have it when you land in foreign]. Your minutes / SMS and Data allowances are only for use on GTT.
  15. How do I get my data to work for these plans?

    • You must have set up your APN on your phone before data will work. For instruction on how to do this go to: and follow setting on how to set up your APN on an Android or iOS device.
  16. Do I have to buy a plan to make a call or send a text?

    • No, you can still call at $34 per minute for voice calling or send at text at $9.28 per text. But take the Social 1-day plan for $400 with 10 minutes of calling and 10 text plus 1Gb of Data and unlimited social messaging means that this is better value for money for you even if you only used the SMS and voice.
  17. Activating plans – what to do?

    • To restart your mobile data, you need to power cycle [switch off and on] your phone or switch to Airplane mode after purchasing a Social plan – same as usual.
  18. What Happens if my plan is not provisioned within 2 minutes?

    • If you do not get an SMS response confirming your plan purchase from GTT please call us on 0488 so that we can resolve for you or via WhatsApp calling on 640 2428 - GTT WhatsApp Customer Service Number [8am-10pm daily].
  19. Is this really such a good offer?

    • Yes, we are the new GTT, and we are offering Guyanese best value for money offerings in the marketplace.